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Smart Platform

As a leader in telecommunications technology, Privetel offers cloud-based solutions customized to your constantly evolving needs. Its state-of-the-art, proprietary switching Platform and web-based interface provides you with the latest technologies for keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Advantages of a cloud-based solution:

  • Reduces capital expenditures as an alternative to building your network infrastructure
  • Eliminates need for carrier agreements or deposits
  • Provides one easy-to-use website for managing your entire business
  • Minimizes R&D costs
  • Offers significantly lower long distance rates by leveraging aggregate traffic
  • Delivers flexibility and scalability to address changing market needs

With Privetel as your partner, you have a solution that is...


With Privetel' Smart Platforms, you can take advantage of the next generation in telecommunications products without having to maintain an operating infrastructure. Our team can have your business up and running with a complete system in a matter of hours. Also, our web-based interfaces are highly intuitive, making it easy for you to manage your business from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.


With Privetel' Smart Platforms, created entirely in-house by our own development team, Privetel has the flexibility to customize your products, features, and reports to address your specific needs. This broad offering of features helps you differentiate your products from competitors. Our Platforms also offer an unmatchable scalability that can immediately adjust to extreme capacity increases. By hosting your own in-house solution, you run the risk of requiring maintenance updates that could lead to downtime should you see significant increases in traffic. With our solution, you can avoid these types of risks.


As a proven leader since 2002, Privetel has helped a variety of businesses build their revenues and offer cutting-edge telecommunications services. In today's world of constant-evolving technology, we offer you a long-term solution. Our research and development team is dedicated to continued innovation while ensuring you have access to a reliable and easy-to-use Smart Platform.


With Privetel you get reliable, stable and easy to use Platforms giving you a competitive advantage. The ability to manage your business 24/7 from anywhere in the world, allows you to be more efficient in your operations. We also empower you to quickly adjust to changing market conditions without having to make significant business changes, keeping your costs to a minimum.


A cloud-based solution through Privetel eliminates your need for operational and capital expenditures. Avoid costly investments like switching hardware, software development, and Platform maintenance. Instead, invest in your marketing and growth, and ultimately increase your ARPU. Rather than waiting months, we can help you recognize your return on investment in system costs almost immediately. With our dedication to continued innovation, you can rest assured that your Smart Platform operates with the latest in switching technology, eliminating your need for technical staff.


We consider each customer a partner and serve as the vehicle driving their businesses. We do not compete against our customers because we do not sell or distribute products or services directly to the end user. Instead, we work with each partner to help it achieve its business goals.

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