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Services: Privetel Prepaid

We Put YOU in Control of Your Business

The Privetel Prepaid Platform offers you tools to manage your business without the costly up-front capital and operational expenditures that an in-house solution would require.

For the past years, Privetel has continued to incorporate customer feedback and continued research and development to create its proven Platform that is leading the way for prepaid. Market applications. This Web-Based System delivers an easy-to-use, customizable technology for controlling your business that is completely hosted and administered by Privetel, so you would have the freedom and the time to focus your business efforts on marketing and selling your brand.

The Privetel Smart Platform supports mobile phone ILD, calling cards, ANI recognition products, VoIP, SMS, Web call-back and much more, all with local and toll-free access throughout the world. With this easy-to-use software interface, you can create rate decks; generate pins; activate and deactivate calling cards; run real-time profitability reports; bill customers by first use; and review Least Cost Routing in real time. You receive information on new carriers and rate changes as soon as they become available, empowering you to respond promptly to market conditions and maintain your competitive advantage. Other features of Privetel Prepaid include:

  • ANI Recognition - Through this direct-dial service, users can register their ANI (or ID) with their first call, eliminating the need for entering a PIN on subsequent calls, whether international or domestic.
  • Manual/Automatic Recharge Ability - Users can recharge their cards online directly through your business' website, rather than through your distributor.
  • Custom Call Flows - Privetel can set up a custom call flow for you if you have an agreement for a special rate through a specific a carrier.
  • One-Plus Dialing - Through this feature, your residential customers can call international numbers without having to go through an access number.
  • International and domestic DIDs - Assign your customers multiple international phone numbers so that contacts abroad can reach them via local phone calls.
  • Quick Call - This eliminates the end-user's need to dial an access number or PIN.

Online Web-Call - Users can send an online request for the Privetel Platform to call their phones and immediately connect them with a number anywhere in the world.

Privetel offers a true turnkey solution for its customers. In addition to hosting the entire switching Platform and providing an interface for managing your business, Privetel can help you design your branded calling cards and reach new potential markets through its extensive network of distributors in the U.S. As your partner for innovation, Privetel works with you through the entire process to help you build a successful business.

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