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Privetel Mobile Apps

Having your own mobile application allows your business the opportunity, not only to gain a share of the US mobile app market but to integrate into the larger global market. Using the Privetel Smart Platform as its core and engine, you can create your own custom Mobile Application over any operating system, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.

With Privetel, you have the flexibility to develop applications that best suits your client base. Your applications can include any or all of the following features:

  • Direct Call - Allows users to make crystal clear calls to anywhere in the world without an internet connection
  • Web Call Back - Avoid spending airtime minutes when inbound calling is free
  • VoIP Calling - With this feature, users can place high quality VoIP calls via WiFi or, where applicable, 3G or 4G
  • Quick Call - Allows your customers to transform any international phone number into a local number
  • Class 5 features - Call forwarding, three way conferencing, voicemail, etc.
  • Rate Finder - Quickly and easily look up the rate to the country you are calling
  • Virtual DID - Assign a local number in over 50 countries to save on long distance costs
  • Call History - Accurately informs users how much each call costs, so they can easily track how much they are spending
  • Speed Dial - Your customers can reach their family and friends by simply touching one button

With today’s ever evolving technology, it is simply not enough to present your business’ main mobile experience as a website. It is essential to provide your customers with alternative means of involvement, creating opportunities where otherwise there may not have been options. It is through these opportunities, that you will generate new profits for your company, in new markets, while creating more traffic to your company’s existing networks. Privetel provides you a dedicated team to customize your applications so you can differentiate yourself from the competition while you expand your database of clients. A mobile application is the best way to market your telecom services where your clients will use it most: their mobile devices.

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