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Services: Mobile Transfer

Privetel is providing companies access to the latest cutting edge remittance platform.

Privetel"s Mobile Transfer of value module allows banks, MTOs, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to offer their customers mobile based money transfer services.

Our Mobile Transfer of value module enables your organization to offer your customers the facility to send money via SMS through mobile phones.


  • The use of mobile Wallets, which can be used to store e-cash, make transfers, and pay for goods and services. This is facilitated by cash arriving and being stored on the handset by the remittance recipient.
  • Service is accessible 24X7 and money can be sent anytime, anywhere.
  • Lower the cost of remittances.
  • All payment types are incorporated into a single device.
  • Increasing security and buyer certainty reduces fraud and chargeback risk
  • No need for open branch, no need for PC
  • No payment for credit card commission
  • No branch, no clerk

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